Interior Decorator for Shops, Businesses and Private

Not only a shop-window display or a showroom of a company is important for a good sale of goods but also the exposure and attention to details inside the store.

After studying and understanding the target you want to reach and the image you want for your business, I can provide a complete or partial metamorphosis of your store (shop, company, wholesaler, garden centre, etc.).

I will take care of the optimum arrangement of furnishings and goods, to increase its value and to create more image to your company.

Also for stores that still have to open, I can take care of the design and equipping; you can also contact me if you need advice or tips on what you want to achieve.

As far as your private home, I will be happy to help you with advice on the appropriate arrangement of furniture and if you want to create a new style or personalize your environment, we can design together a new idea and help you to find and buy what you need.

Rely on my taste and my experience to give life to your ideas.